Ecological fashion & accessories

Logo design

Figurative mark

The figurative mark was newly developed as part of the modernization. Both logo concepts were developed according to the company's attributes and values. The figurative mark is now in line with the company's values and also reflects the feminine, personal and sustainable orientation.

The ecological and feminine is represented by the color design and the formal language. The flower head is designed in pastel pink and emphasizes the feminine.

Logo design

Word mark

A handwritten typography was chosen for the word mark. This symbolizes the personal character of the company. It also exudes a natural friendliness.

The addition "ecological fashion and accessories" underlines the special focus of the company. For this, a boutique-typical, sans serif, condensed font was selected.


Before and after

Overall, the new logo has a higher recognition value: the pink, which stands for femininity and green for sustainability and ecology.

The handwritten typography is feminine and personal - the name “JaNatürlich” is in focus and is supplemented by the addition “ecological fashion and accessories”.



We have designed the means of communication in line with the new appearance.