Melsungen hilft sich

Platform for quick help

Vouchers for favorite shops from Melsungen. In cooperation with the city of Melsungen we developed a platform where you can buy vouchers for favorite shops from Melsungen. It should serve to support the stores in the corona crisis.

Vouchers for your favorite shops from Melsungen

With the online purchase of a Melsunger voucher on the website, every citizen can support their own favorite shop. The provider benefits directly from this because the money arrives right there. The vouchers can be redeemed as soon as the situation normalizes and shops or services are allowed to open again. Extra good: The portal page also shows whether you can order and collect goods now, whether there is an online shop or whether a company offers a delivery service.

The ordering process for customers is straightforward. You choose the provider you want to support with the voucher purchase. Then you name the amount and pay via PayPal or bank transfer. The money ends up at the company, and you receive the voucher as an e-mail receipt or by post.


Logodesign / Naming / Claiming

Melsungen is worth it - Melsungen helps. Melsungen shows heart.

In combination with the well-known, original logo, the half-timbered elements shown in it and its "M" for Melsungen, a meaningful logo is created with an unmistakable reference to Melsungen.