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Website-Relaunch RNE

RailNetEurope is a European association of rail infrastructure companies. The company works continuously to simplify and promote international rail traffic.

RNE now represents 38 European institutions, which together operate a rail network of more than 230,000 km.

The challenge

RNE contacted us with the wish to bring the website up to date with the latest technology and at the same time to implement a new strategy. This order was primarily about the standardization and structuring of the website, as well as a particularly user-friendly design.

Since the website is a main source of information for infrastructure managers, user-centered design was particularly important. The new structure and modern design ensure that the viewer can find their way around quickly and makes the website a smart tool for RNE and the infrastructure managers, because they get to their destination by the shortest route.

Ease of use in the foreground

The new RailNetEurope website places particular emphasis on ease of use. The entire structure of the website has been developed with the aim of being as user-friendly and easily accessible as possible. In particular, the new modular structure with its appealing coloring will help users to find their way around the site better in the future.

A practical download area and separate areas for news, projects or events have been integrated to keep visitors to the website up to date. The website was created according to the latest standards and is fully optimized for display on mobile devices.

Optimized for the perfect user flow

The various modules are displayed in matching colors, which consistently run through the entire design and thus significantly improve the user flow.

The generous use of visually appealing images and icons creates a coherent overall picture and significantly improves the clarity of the website. Finally, the design of the website was supplemented with concise headings to enable an optimal user flow.

A smart complete package

Since the website mainly serves as a source of information, it was important to ensure that content and document downloads were managed centrally. The management of the profiles is now also completely dynamic and ensures that interaction between members and employees is an easy interaction. A special innovation is an interactive map in which different routes can be easily selected and deselected.

In combination with the new web application, which enables its users to manage international trains in real time, a smart complete package is created for infrastructure managers and all RNE members.