Stories, Reels, IGTV and more - We provide the overview

Instagram functions and their uses

At the moment it almost seems as if Instagram is expanding its content publishing capabilities on a weekly basis. Besides the well-known posts and stories, there is already the possibility to publish IG TVs. Recently Reels, Instagram Shop and Guides have been added.

Even though the possibilities are numerous, a brand or company should not immediately give up and stick to old patterns. We explain whatthe Instagram features are about, why and when to use them and how we can help you.

Post, Story & Story Highlight

1. Posts

The function of creating posts has existed since the beginning of Instagram. And even though there are many other ways to publish content on Instagram, you should not neglect the long proven posts. Posts give your Instagram profile the look and feel that is essential for the basic presentation of your brand. Posts should serve the purpose of reflecting your corporate identity not only through content, but also through their design.

2. Stories & Story Highlight

Instagram Stories and the ability to add them as Story Highlights are as important as the creation of posts. Instagram Stories can be used to publish more spontaneously and especially to interact with the users. They offer for example the possibility to create surveys and are therefore the direct interaction link to your followers. Stories are more approachable and therefore more emotional than posts - here a company can offer less staged insights.

Video & Reels

3. IGTV Video

Mit einem IGTV Video bietet Instagram direkte Konkurrenz zu der Videoplattform Youtube. Diese Funktion eignet sich besonders, um länger visuelle Nachrichten zu überbringen. Beliebt ist es auch, um ein zuvor veröffentlichtes Live Video längerfristig auf dem Profil bestehen zu lassen. Dadurch eignen sich die IGTV Videos besonders für Erklärungen, Q&As oder ähnliches, in denen Personen direkt in die Kamera sprechen.

4. Reel

With the Reels another video format from Instagram was released. Reels can be compared, however, rather with offerers such as Tiktok or Snapchat. Reels are limited to 15 (or in the longer format 30) seconds. Currently, they are used in particular for presenting creatively cut short films.
Reels, in contrast to Stories or IGTV, are rather not spontaneously realizable. However, using them can be a win-win situation for any company, as one can strongly assume that Instagram itself will focus on new formats such as reels by supporting reach. Reels are suitable from informative, over humorous to thought-provoking communication.

The New Formats

Shop & Guide

5. Shop

Even though this feature still attracts a lot of criticism, the Instagram Shop is the opportunity for a smaller company to offer its products. The new placement in the Instagram layout makes it clear that the social media platform will increasingly focus on selling products. Buying via the platform saves users the further step into the browser and, thus, offers brands a good opportunity to link their products directly to the Instagram profile. Such an integration is currently only suitable for physical products.

6. Guide

The latest Instagram feature: the Guide. This gives you the possibility to write content similar to blog posts or to highlight your own posts under different subtopics. This newest way of creating content on Instagram is especially useful for brands and companies that want to support their communication with longer texts. While many other Instagram features put the visuals in the foreground, guides allow you to address the community with text.

How do you choose the right strategy?

Each Instagram feature contains individual characteristics that should be used for different purposes in brand communication. Interaction possibilities, scope (length or format) and the message to be conveyed are crucial. A comprehensive and important presentation in today's social media especially includes the right choice and use of these features.

We would be happy to help you with our expertise in the identification and implementation.

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