Branding & Corporate Design

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Branding & Corporate Design

Brand communication

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Our goal is to create worlds of experience for customers in which your products and services are reflected in a comprehensive brand experience. A uniform appearance increases the value of a brand, strengthens employee identification and thus has a lasting impact on the company's goals.

We attract attention and let the brand enter into a dialogue with an unmistakable brand voice - targeted, coherent, convincing.

Brand development

  • Brand workshops
  • Market, competition and target group analyzes
  • Brand strategies
  • positioning

Corporate Design

  • Logo development
  • Design Systems + Style Guides
  • typefaces + typography
  • Key Visuals
  • color concepts

Classic advertising

  • All kinds of printed matter
  • Office equipment
  • Brochures, leaflets, catalogs
  • Flyers, advertisements, folders
  • outdoor advertising, signage
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Therapiezentrum Prokopy


Analysis - conception - logo development - design guidelines - workshops

A simple recurring process

The corporate design transfers the identity of a company into your appearance - aspects such as attitude, values ​​but also the vision and culture of the company are transferred into formative visual elements. Our design process is always based on the strategic search for the core of the company.

New technologies make customers more and more active in their relationships with brands and companies. We see customers as users and not as passive media consumers.


Our work has won international awards

We love what we do - use the tried-and-tested, break new ground, focus on the most progressive developments and design for the future. We are pleased that our projects have received multiple awards.

Our Customers

Our customers are not trophies, they are partners with whom we have worked for many years